Grew up in a neighbourhood (read Bundelkhand) where all they cared about was a proper supply of water. 
Was good at playing marbles. 

Never flew a kite. Considered flying a kite to be the most glamorous sport until a friend bisected his calf bone, courtesy a flying kite.

As a kid, religiously followed a routine: stealing mangoes from the market while returning from school (of course, it was fantastic team effort); got caught a couple of times but never felt an ounce of guilt. The joy of pulling off a successful heist was always more profound than a momentary humiliation sare aam in the marketplace.

Stood first in class only once, and that too, by cheating. 

Blacked movie tickets every Friday for a year, only to be confronted by an informally dressed  policeman whom (I) approached to sell the ticket. 

Always wondered about the application of Differentiation and Nuclear Physics in day-to-day life. ( Now convinced studying it was useless. Should've read novels and saved the midnight oil. With the oil prices soaring, would've been rich by now.

Hate wearing shoes…

Tried writing a comic book in collaboration with an artist friend but failed miserably--- in the exams. The comic, however, was received well by the audience (read friends) but the critics (read elders) panned it citing overtly sexual undertones in the story.

Often traveled by train ticketless citing a fictional stationmaster as (my) rescue-uncle until being bestowed upon the honour of visiting a railway jail for a day where (I) ended up learning few pick-pocketing tricks from a fellow inmate.

Quintessential Bakchod is a pseudonym for a rather sober, poetically composed and inappropriate name for my generation- Ravi Kant Tagore.
Though I'm fond of my uniquely inspired name, my demeanor couldn't ever do justice to it (my mother still rues naming me). 

Love movies. Right from Kashyap to Kurosava to Kubrick. Can discuss at any length.